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Some of the local activities Winchester Bay is known for

From the avid outdoorsman to the couple just wanting a weekend away Winchester Bay offers a variety of activities.  From crabbing to hiking, fishing to riding on the dunes there is something for everyone! Below are just a few of the local attractions available during your stay!


Lake Marie is just a few miles from Winchester Bay and is picture worthy with lots of hiking trails and places to enjoy lunch.

The Oregon Dunes are a great place to go off roading! There are miles and miles of sandy dunes ready to be rode! The view from the top is nothing less than amazing


The Umpqua lighthouse offers daily tours . There is plenty of parking overlooking the Pacific Ocean where the sunrise and sunsets are beautiful

Of course Winchesterbay Charters is known for fishing of all kinds! We have a page dedicated to some of the guides that would love to take you out! Winchesterbay is known for all types of fishing! Salmon, Perch, Tuna, Ling cod, Rock fish, Halibut and Crab!


You can go out on a crab trip with one of our guides or rent pots right across the street and take them out to any of the "crab docks" and try for some of the freshest dungeness crab that you can get!


Of course there are lots of beaches and beautiful sunsets and sunrises!

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